More Than Just Software

Qventus is an AI-based software platform that solves operational challenges across the hospital including emergency departments, perioperative areas, and patient safety. We identify potential issues before they occur and recommend immediate and accurate course corrections.

No software alone is powerful enough to drive change in a healthcare environment. Our on-site teams observe, analyze, evaluate and recommend specific workflows and solutions that meet your organization’s unique needs while you’re partnering with us. We enable change at your organization through software, processes and people. One size does not fit all.

Across The Health System

Qventus empowers hospital and health system integration. We help every department and facility in a health system collaborate so caregivers can do the next right thing.

System Operations

Today’s Challenge

“Across health systems, hospitals are often built on heroic efforts of caregivers and other staff in the system. We need to truly systemize health systems. With an enterprise-wide platform that integrates into processes and removes burden from the providers, we’re able to increase efficiency and throughput in patient and staff flow, reduce cost and ultimately better meet the needs and wants of patients.”

– James Hereford, President and CEO, Fairview Health Services


Qventus’ Enterprise solution for System Operations allows

  • Optimizing Patient Flow in departments, facilities and across the health system
  • Mobilizing teams and reducing the cognitive burden of frontline staff
  • Creating situational awareness to optimize system-wide resource allocation

Emergency Department

+15M financial impact 

-27% LWBS  

-10% LOS

Today’s Challenge

For most hospitals, the ED is the primary entry point for patients, driving up to 70% of hospital admissions. But in this highly dynamic and variable environment, hospitals find themselves overwhelmed with sudden patient influxes, long wait times, patients boarded in hallways, and dissatisfied patients walking out.


Get ahead of diversions, capacity surges and boarding and proactively mobilize teams and start preparations downstream.

Identify care delays at a glance by pinpointing patients stuck in triage or awaiting discharge.

Work as a team by collaborating across departments and functions.


0.3 day LOS reduction

95% of patients have discharge plan on day 1

Today’s Challenge

Delayed discharges result in capacity constraints, increased risk for patient complications, and the care team scrambling to expedite orders. The result? Excess days incurred, patients in intake units awaiting beds, and patient flow across the hospital coming to a halt.


Plan ahead for patient discharge on day 1 of admit

Surface anticipated barriers before they delay discharge

Decompress units ahead of capacity crises

Operating Room

+10% increase on-time first case starts

+9%  in case volume

-25%  decrease in same-day cancellations

Today’s Challenge

Operating rooms are often the largest contributor to revenue in the hospital but they are also the largest consumer of resources and the biggest generator of waste. OR managers struggle with improving utilization, managing case delays, and streamlining patient flow while trying to match staffing and supplies with expected needs.


Prepare patients and staff from pre-op to post-op

Optimize block schedules in real time

Contain costs with appropriate staffing and usage of high-cost supplies

Ready. Set. Go.

Our software is easy to deploy and easy to use.

Easy to Use

Simple, beautiful interfaces anyone can use

Fast Deployments

No equipment needed

Easy to Integrate

Easily integrates with EMRs


HIPAA compliant, fully encrypted data

Qventus is SOC 2® certified.