Nurse Week 2019: A Final Round of Applause

May 10, 2019By: Ryan Starks

We came into Nurses Week 2019 with the idea that we would be shining a spotlight on a few “superhero” nurses and recognize their efforts to help and heal. We could not have anticipated the response, or the quality of responses, we received. Take Liz Boes, who turned a childhood filled with frequent moves and being the “new kid” into knack for making connections quickly and turning strangers into friends. Read More

Nurses Week 2019: Superhero Nurse, Michelle Lewis from Mercy Hospital Washington

May 9, 2019By: Ryan Starks

Compassion is a Superpower Spotlight on Michelle Lewis, clinical team leader at Mercy Hospital Washington Nursing isn’t a job to Michelle Lewis, RN, BSN, clinical team leader at Mercy Hospital Washington—it’s a calling. Her compassion and focus on helping everyone around her, from patients to their families to other staff members, make her a superhero healthcare provider. And the nudges from Qventus give her an extra boost to make everything run smoother for patients and her teams alike. Read More

Nurses Week 2019: Superhero Nurses at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)

May 8, 2019By: Ryan Starks

Spotlights on Maite Browning, emergency nurse; Lucita Cruz, clinical support nurse; and Lynda VanVliet, clinical support nurse at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Having a sick child is a taxing experience for any parent, but the superhero nurses who care for these children and their families help create the best experience and smoothest process possible at The Hospital for Sick Children, also known as SickKids, in Toronto. I Maite Browning A nurse’s work is constantly changing, and for Maite Browning, succeeding in that kind of environment requires resilience and quick thinking. Maite, BMSc, BSc, RN, A-EMCA, also gets a helping hand from technology—including Qventus’ real-time insights and recommendations. What are your main responsibilities and activities during an average shift? As a lead clinical support nurse, I provide clinical practice support to front-line staff and acts as a resource to patients and health care team members within the unit. I coach and facilitate practice change and individual professional development. Read More

Nurses Week 2019: Superhero Nurse, Leslie Callaway from SCL Health Lutheran Medical Center

May 7, 2019By: Ryan Starks

Positive Change Agent Spotlight on Leslie Callaway, SCL Health Lutheran Medical CenterLeslie Callaway BSN, RN, CMSRN, BBA, was working in the marketing industry before her twin daughters were born three months premature—an experience that gave her a front-row seat to the herculean efforts nurses make. Now RN Discharge Navigator at SCL Health Lutheran Medical Center, Leslie is helping to make healthcare better for her fellow providers, as well as the patients they serve. What are your main responsibilities and activities during an average shift? The focus of my role is to use my knowledge and critical thinking skills to anticipate, identify and remove barriers in order to facilitate a safe and timely discharge for our patients. I, along with the other two RN Discharge Navigators, facilitate morning rounds on the units with the highest discharge volume and then touch base with providers throughout the day. Read More

Nurses Week 2019: Superhero Nurse, Elizabeth Boes from M Health Fairview

May 6, 2019By: Ryan Starks

No Two Days Alike Spotlight on Elizabeth A. Boes, Assistant Head Nurse at M Health Fairview at the University of Minnesota For National Nurses Week 2019, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing superhero nurses driving our healthcare systems. These healthcare professionals are the heartbeat of their respective hospitals and clinics, and we are proud and honored to work with them. To be a nurse is to be constantly learning, says Elizabeth A. Read More

CB Insights Names Qventus One Of 2019’s 100 Most Innovative AI Startups

February 6, 2019By: Qventus

Every year, CB Insights releases its list of the 100 most promising companies in Artificial Intelligence.  Today, I’m proud to share that Qventus was named to the third annual list. While the honor itself is significant, it is particularly meaningful because Qventus didn’t throw its hat in the ring to get on this list.  Rather, we were recognized organically from CB Insight’s evidence-based approach. They select the 100 honorees from a field of more than 3,000 companies, examining factors such as patent activity, investor quality, news sentiment analysis, market potential, partnerships, competitive landscape, team strength, tech novelty and the overall health and growth potential of the company. Honorees are disrupting every sector, including telecommunications, government, retail, finance and, of course, healthcare. Read More

2019: The Year of AI Operationalization in Healthcare

December 20, 2018By: Qventus

As 2019 approaches, it’s a natural time to take stock of what has happened in the last year and look toward the future. In 2018, we saw tech titans make highly anticipated forays into healthcare, digital startups continue to transform the patient experience across the care continuum, and a growing interest in AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) applications across the industry. We declare 2019 the Year of AI Operationalization in Healthcare. Read More

Why Not The Why?

November 29, 2018By: Qventus

Written by Keri Barnett-Howell, Change Management Program Manager at Qventus “Talk about the why,” is the ubiquitous phrase in lean seminars, industry talks, and process improvement departments. When changing how someone operates (so these lessons go) a person is a lot more likely to go along with your plan if they understand the reasoning behind it. We put “talk about the why” on our project checklists, and then usually promptly forget about it as more pressing concerns appear. Read More

Qventus and Fairview: Going Beyond “Command & Control”

November 12, 2018By: Mudit Garg

Technology is letting providers down. We have world-class clinicians, world-class equipment and world-class therapies but reaching our full potential is often eclipsed by a lack of highly reliable operations. The first step of digitization was focused on data entry into systems of record (like the electronic medical record – EMR – systems) and then came attempts to leverage it through graphs and reports. This approach has not been ideal. Hospitals are highly complex environments — half the patients can come in unscheduled and the resources a patient needs are unpredictable. Read More

New Data Debunks Myth That Full Moon Cycle Increases ER Visits and Acuity

October 24, 2018By: Qventus

Spooky season is in full swing. While we can’t wait to cozy up to scary movie marathons with pumpkin spiced treats, there is one real life superstition we need to first debunk, which we hope will have nurses and doctors nationwide breathing a sigh of relief.   For years, there has been a strong suspicion that the full moon cycle brings about chaos in hospitals – with some documenting patient’s psychotic breaks and unusual birth circumstances – a trend also known as “lunar lunacy” or the Transylvania effect. Read More