Doing More With Less

Today’s health systems are facing increasing pressure to provide high-quality care while containing costs. But frontline teams are already overloaded, drowning in the thousands of disparate decisions they need to make in an intense, highly dynamic environment.

Meanwhile, executives are trying to use more dashboards, more reports, more process related projects to improve operations. But these traditional methods have failed to deliver sustainable, scalable results.

Wouldn’t it be desirable to increase patient capacity with the same resources while creating a satisfying environment for both patients and clinical staff?



The Next Wave of Transformation

Driving Action with Real-Time Operations Management

Qventus helps hospitals drive operational excellence by engaging teams to take action in the moment to manage anticipated issues. Unlike existing reporting or predictive analytics tools, where data is locked up in IT systems, Qventus delivers recommended actions to the right team members in real time so that they can proactively course correct in the moment.






How it Works – System of Action

Today’s EMRs are Systems of Record designed for documentation and billing. Today’s reports and dashboards are Systems of Display that offer retrospective data for analysis and interpretation.

Qventus is the first System of Action that harnesses data to drive real-time action. Qventus uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to continuously monitor massive amounts of data and empowers teams with transparent information to avoid anticipated bottlenecks. The platform accurately predicts issues, recommends course corrections, and helps frontline teams take the right actions in the moment.

Platform for the Enterprise

Qventus is an enterprise platform designed for the modern health system, driving operational excellence through a culture of teamwork and collaboration across units, departments, and facilities.

Areas of impact:

  • Emergency departments
  • Perioperative settings
  • Inpatient units
  • Pharmacies
  • Transport
  • Labs
  • Outpatient facilities
  • And more…


The Power of Being Proactive

Qventus goes further than analytics.

Watch how we make it easier for healthcare teams to prevent operational issues that interfere with their ability to deliver care.

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