The Virtual “Air Traffic Control” for Hospital Operations

Qventus is an AI-based software platform that solves operational challenges across the hospital including emergency departments, perioperative areas, and patient safety.

Much like an air traffic control, we identify potential issues before they occur and recommend immediate and accurate course corrections.

A Solution that Predicts, Prescribes and Persuades

Qventus goes beyond analytics. The platform predicts issues, prescribes an immediate recommendation and persuades the right team member to take action. All of this prevents issues from escalating and affecting the patient experience.

Across the Hospital

Qventus empowers hospital integration. We help every department collaborate so caregivers can do the next right thing.

Emergency Department

+2% volume

-30% LWBS  

-15% LOS

For most hospitals, the Emergency Department is the primary entry point for patients, driving up to 70% of hospital admissions. EDs are under massive pressure to improve the speed and quality of care against a backdrop of increasing demand and patient expectations.

Qventus optimizes the ED in real-time by eliminating surges, reducing length of stay and increasing throughput.


Operating Room

+9.6% in % on time first case starts

+9.2%  in case volume

-9.8%  in room turnaround time

Operating rooms are often the largest contributor to revenue in the hospital. They are also the largest consumer of resources, from staffing to supplies, and the biggest generator of waste. Improving utilization, reducing case delays, shortening turnarounds, and cutting down on unnecessary overtime is key to making ORs more efficient and sustainable.

Qventus optimizes OR scheduling and resources in real-time. It continuously monitors OR data to predict demand, recommend which turnarounds to prioritize, how to improve timely block release as well as staffing requirements.


Patient Safety

-39%  in patient falls.

Traditional fall prevention methods are reactive in nature, and most fall assessments lack patient context in real-time. Most providers use a combination of increasing bedside alerts and staffing to reduce falls, an approach that yields minimal success.

Qventus helps reduce the load on busy nurses. The platform evaluates multiple data inputs such as call button and bed movement data in real-time to predict which patients are at risk for a possible fall. This information is delivered to nurses who can then check in on those patients likeliest to have have issues.

Ready. Set. Go.

Our software is easy to deploy and easy to use.

Easy to Use

Simple, beautiful interfaces anyone can use

Fast Deployments

No equipment needed

Easy to Integrate

Easily integrates with EMRs


HIPAA compliant, fully encrypted data